Try Demon Slayer Claw Machine Canada and Bring Home Your Favorite Figures

The Demon Slayer anime has been entertaining a lot of people with an interesting storyline, amazing characters, and superb animation. Are you a fan of the series? If you are, you’ll love the Demon Slayer claw machine Canada.

It combines the thrill and excitement of playing claw machine games with merchandise collecting. There are so many prizes you can win, including exclusive, limited-edition items that you can’t purchase elsewhere. The game is available in Canada, so you can have fun and bring home your prize.

Demon Slayer Claw Machine Canada: How Much to Play?

Everyone knows how fun it is to play a claw machine and win. But how much is the cost to play the Demon Slayer claw machine? It turns out, the price is really cheap. It costs USD1 per play. This means if you can win a game on your first try, you win a prize for only $1. That’s a bargain.

Zenitsu and Inosuke Big Pofutto Plushes

Are you a fan of Zenitsu? Or Inosuke? Or maybe both? You can win their cute big Pfutto plushies from BANPRESTO by placing the claw machine. The actual cost of the plushie is $25, but you can win it for much less.

Demon Slayer Pillars Figures

Pillars are the top-ranking combatants in the Demon Slayer Corps. Yes, you can win them too. You can win Kyojuro Rengoku or Shinobu Kocho figures. Each figure costs $50 and both are limited editions.

Tanjiro Tamagotchi

A Tamagotchi is always fun to play with. But what if it is Tanjiro-cchi Tamagotchi? That’s a whole lot more fun. The Tamagotchi is a limited edition worth $80. If you are a fan of Tanjiro, this one is a prize you don’t want to miss when playing Demon Slayer claw machine Canada.

Pillars Keychains

Maybe you want something simple but memorable. In that case, get the Pillars keychains. Who is your favorite pillar?

Is it Kyojuro Rengoku? Gyomei Himejima? Muichiro Tokito? Or Mitsuri Kanroji? Win the claw machine game and grab a keychain or two to remind you of how much you love the series.

Mega Jumbo Cushion

Plushies, figures, Tamagotchi, and keychains are not the only merchandise you can win. There is also a mega jumbo cushion.

These are only a few examples of what you can win by playing the Demon Slayer claw machine. There are still a lot more prize items to win. Want to give it a try? Download the game now and you may get 5 premium tickets, which you can use to play claw machine games and win prizes for free.

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