The Biggest Thailand Electric Vehicle Challenge

The launch of electric vehicles in Thailand is getting hype since it is a new trend. The ambition of Thailand is to become a central hub of electric vehicle production in the region. Yet, the country still has to face Thailand electric vehicle challenge amidst the production.

The country believes that electric vehicles will be the next generation of vehicles in the world since biofuels are getting limited. The promising massive change is the reason they are so confident with this business. However, take a look at the challenges below.

The List of Thailand Electric Vehicle Challenge


  • Limited infrastructure

One of the major challenges of electric vehicle production is limited infrastructure. Thailand is still into motorists’ powertrains because the facility is very helpful and supportive. The Thailand EV market growth is still under-developing because customers are doubtful about the usage of EVs.

Those who have bought electric vehicles are the people who have a high income. They buy the EV because of joining the trends that are recently getting popular. However, it is still hard to make sure that electric vehicles support the mobilization, just because of fewer power-charging stations.

  • Middle-income trap

Thailand is a country that has a middle-income trap issue. This is why the country has a debt of about 90% of its GDP. Though many people are out of the low-income status bar, the plan to set higher GDP doesn’t work well. The purchase of electric vehicles is not excellent so far.

The government has the challenge to increase the GDP first, and lower the debt, then the community will be able to change their transportation habits. Electric vehicles need more people with higher incomes since the price is still high. GDP will have an impact on the buyers’ decisions.

  • ICE-powered cars

Another problem that Thailand has is ICE-powered cars. It is the biggest rival of electric vehicles, so it influences Thailand EV market growth. The sales of ICE-powered cars are higher in Thailand because the price is very competitive in the market and lower than the price of electric vehicles.

The automakers should be able to draw and decide on more strategies. The sale booster is not only from the price but also massive commercial. Until today, customers are hesitant to buy electric vehicles because they have no idea how to ride or drive them in Thailand.

Even though the price of EVs is still not attractive to middle-class Thais, the government will continue this agenda. They expect that Thailand electric vehicle challenge will soon change since the strategies are well-prepared for future projections, at least in the next decade.

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