One Piece Claw Machine with Exclusive Prizes

Everyone around the globe knows there is a unique pirate-themed anime from Japan. This anime is the famous One Piece. Now, Japan is providing a One Piece claw machine that allows all fans of One Piece from across the world to play the classic game and win One Piece merchandise.

The merchandise from this game is all inspired by the anime series. Moreover, the merchandise is also exclusive prizes from Japan. If you want to win them all, you need to play the online crane game and win the prize. And then wait for the crane machine developer to ship the prize to you.

Win Ace Figurine from The Claw Machine

One amazing prize you can win from playing the online crane game is the figurine of Portgas D. Ace. Ace is a tall and muscular man who has curly black hair. Even though he isn’t the biological brother of Luffy, both Ace and Luffy look similar. If you are collecting One Piece merchandise, win this figurine.

The figurine of Portgas D. Ace you win from playing the online One Piece claw game has the same appearance as Ace in the anime series. This figurine will complete your One Piece collection. Make sure that you play the game to win this figurine.

Play One Piece Claw Machine To Win Carrot

You won’t win a vegetable by playing this online crane game. Carrot is a character in the One Piece anime series. This cute character has blonde hair, brown eyes, a nose like a rabbit’s nose, rabbit ears, and a huge round fluffy tail. She is wearing an orange mini dress and green cape, just like a carrot.

The Carrot figurine you are going to win by playing the online One Piece claw game will have the same appearance as the one from the anime series. If you win the game, this Carrot figurine will be shipped to your home directly from Japan.

Get The Glamor Nico Robin Prize

To complete your One Piece collection, you should also choose Nico Robin as your prize when playing the online crane game. This figurine of Nico Robin looks elegant with high heels, a mini dress, and a coat. If you already won the other figurines, this one is going to perfect your collection.

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