Collectible Merchandise from Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine

Dragon Ball is anime series that is popular until now since 1984. The first series gained attention and they continue with Dragon Ball Z. There is the protagonist, Son Goku, which is showing his martial arts in the series. His action becomes figurines that you can get from Dragon Ball Z claw machine.

This anime has several characters who are also popular. Their figurines are unique and collectible as well. Here is some limited edition figurine that you can get only by playing claw machine and spending $1 per play.

Merchandise from Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine

  • Super BWFC Modeling Tenkaichi Budokai Special Broly

This figurine is showing how perfect the body of Tenkaichi Budokai is with his angry face. From the muscle on his body and arms, it’s a good figure as if he’s ready to attack. Collect this limited edition from the claw machine since it’s not available in other places.

  • Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose Grandista Resolution

Goku is popular with his orange outfit but this figurine is unique because Goku is wearing a black outfit. His hair is pinkie rose, not yellow as usual. It’s a standing figurine with one arm on his forehead. This is also a limited edition that you can get from the Dragon Ball claw game.

  • Son Gohan Super Saiyan Grandista Resolution

Another figurine that you can get from this claw machine is Son Gohan. He is wearing a lilac outfit with an angry face and yellow hair. There are two kinds of figurines from this series, Gohan with a white cloak and without a cloak. No more $40 you’ll spend but playing the machine with $1 for this.

  • Super World Collectible Figure Vol 2

There are 6 figurines from this series that you can get. Those are other characters that appear on Dragon Ball Z, and Son Gokus isn’t part of it. The collectible figurines from this series have their unique expression and all of them are standing figurines.

  • Elit Playing Cards Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Prince

Besides figurine, the Dragon Ball claw game also has a set of elite playing cards. The card is set in Japanese, so you have to be able to understand the cards. Elite playing cards don’t only Son Goku characters, but also other characters in Dragon Ball Z.

By paying $1 per play in Dragon Ball Z claw machine, you have a big chance to collect the figurine and merch from the anime. It’s easy to play by downloading the apps from Play Store, then play the game with $1 to get the merch.

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