The Best Claw Machine App from Japan

Looking for the most fantastic online game to play at home? Then you need to download the best claw machine app from the App Store or Play Store. This game is going to keep you busy and entertain you at once. Online claw machine allows you to win amazing prizes as well.

To get the prizes you want, there are some easy steps you need to take first. By playing the online claw machine game according to the instructions, you will be able to win every single game mode and win all the prizes you want. Learn more about the online claw machine game below.

Choosing The Prize Before Playing

The first step to do in order to win the prize you want is choosing the prize. There will be so many prizes you can choose from. Toys, anime figurines, soft toys, electronic stuff, and food are some available prizes. The price of each prize is the same, only one dollar for each play.

This Japan claw machine app will not give you a random prize. The prize you choose before playing the game is the one you will get when you finally win this claw machine game. Unlike many other crane games, the prizes offered by this game are exclusive prizes from Japan.

Playing the Best Claw Machine App

After choosing the prize you want to get, you need to play the online claw machine game. There are five game modes you can play to win the prize. Each game mode you play has its own difficulty level. No matter which game mode you choose to play, you need to win it.

The cost of each play is just USD1. By spending a dollar and winning the game, you will get the prize for free. There is nothing else to pay for. Before playing, make sure you have a strategy to play the game and win your favorite prize.

Wait for Them to Deliver Your Prize

Since the base of this Japan claw machine app is in Japan, the prize you win will be shipped from Japan. All exclusive prizes and limited-edition prizes will be shipped to your home for free. The game developer is in partnership with EMS and DHL.

This means they can deliver the prizes to more than 60 different countries. To ease the shipping process, you need to fill in the details of your address when you log in to the game before you start playing. The details will be used by the game developer to deliver the prize you win.

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