What Are Business Opportunities in Thailand That Suit You Best?

Industry players will never stop to find a way in expanding their business. Even if you have run a business, you still have a chance to establish another by providing a new distinctive product. Knowing business opportunities in Thailand might help you build a new business adequately. 

If you intend to expand business in new territory, for instance in Thailand, you have to analyse first the market condition there. Actually, identifying the business opportunities is good for those who want to grow the existing company or start the business entirely in Thailand. 

Types of Business Opportunities in Thailand

Limited knowledge of the Thailand market will not become an obstacle to start a business. Because Market Research Thailand is always ready to help you. All experts of this market research company in Thailand will provide insights regarding business opportunities and strategies. 

Thailand surprisingly becomes one of the countries in the upper middle-income list. It proves the amazing economic growth of this country. No wonder, many local and foreign industry players compete fiercely in Thailand markets.

There are many potentials in this country that can bring profit. Market Research Thailand team consisting of experienced consultants help you to recognize market characteristics. Thus, you can easily design business strategies and gain profits optimally. 

Automotive Business

One of the business opportunities that work effectively in Thailand is the automotive business. This country has become an exporter of pickup trucks for several decades. The auto parts and automobile industry belong to the essential sector for Thailand economic growth. 

It is possible to run business in the automotive field such as lubricants, automotive servicing, electric vehicles, automotive rental, and so on. Our experts provide insights according to practical experiences so you can see how the market demand might change. 

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

The Healthcare industry belongs to the promising business opportunities in Thailand. Considering the current situation, people are in need of healthcare services. The demand for medical devices keeps increasing. This country has a large number of proficient healthcare and medical staff.

The business focusing on healthcare service and pharmaceutical industry surely will never stop. The medical services that currently run smoothly are dental surgery, breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery, etc. These medical procedures are relatively affordable so you need to set a pricing strategy. 

You can rely on consultants of market research Thailand to guide you how to stand against your competitors in the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical industries in this country also grow rapidly so you will definitely require smart business strategies to survive in the Thailand market. 

In addition, we will provide advisory services regarding healthcare digitization, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospital information system, patient monitoring system, health insurance etc. You can get information about customers, competitors, business partners, channels and market dynamics.

Technology Industry

Another business opportunity that you should give it a try is the media, telecommunication and technology industry. Thai people are quite tech savvy. Any businesses either private or government agencies tend to take advantage of innovative technology. 

We will support you to strive in the media, technology and telecommunication industry. Our experts can deal with artificial intelligence, 5G networks, big data, Internet of things, and digital media. 

There are many more business opportunities in this county that will probably lead you to success. You can try those business opportunities with the guide of our proficient experts. 


There are a lot of business opportunities in Thailand that might interest you. You can collaborate with our professional consultants to show you how to start it.  

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