3 Anime Prizes from Japanese Real Claw Machine App

Anime is a Japanese word that describes computer and hand-drawn animation that is produced in Japan. When you hear the word anime, your brain will show you various characters and animations made in Japan. In a real claw machine app, anime is something you can get as a prize.

Japan Claw Machine released a fun online crane game you can install on your Android smartphone or iPhone device. This app has a relatively small size so it won’t bother the performance of your smartphone. This online claw machine game allows you to play at home but get the real prizes.

Prizes You Will Get from Japan Claw Machine

Even though you play the Japan Claw Machine at home in the United Kingdom, you actually play the real crane game that is located in Japan. You will see through the connected webcam how your prize is moving according to moves you make on your smartphone.

Then when you win, the real prize will be shipped all the way from Japan to the United Kingdom where you live. Among the available prizes, some anime prizes are available to choose, which include:

Sumikko Gurashi storage box

Sumikko Gurashi is a unique Japanese anime that contains so many characters. Some of the characters are Shirokuma the polar bear, Penguin? the unsure penguin, Tonkatsu the leftover pork cutlet, Neko the timid cat, and Tokage the unusual dinosaur.

Those characters can be found on the Sumikko Gurashi storage box. There are two storage boxes available, both of them have pastel blue color with white accents. The boxes can be yours by choosing them as your prizes before you start playing real claw machine app.

Deku figure from My Hero Academia

If you follow the story of Izuku Midoriya, you’ll know that My Hero Academia has a wonderful hero called Deku. Deku was born with no superpower at once. But then he becomes a hero with his iconic green hair. Japan Claw Machine offers Deku figures as one the prizes you can get by playing the crane game.

The Deku figure prize offered by Japan Claw Machine is originally a USD 40 figure. This figure was taken from My Hero Academia The Movie: Vs. Villain. To get a Deku figure as a prize, simply play the game until you win this prize shipped from Japan to your cozy residence.

Rem figure from the Re:Zero Anime

Re:Zero is the name of the famous Japanese light novel. The characters in the novel were created by someone named Tappei Nagatsuki before being designed by Shinichirou Otsuka. Two of the main characters are Rem or Remu with blue hair and her twin sister Ram or Ramu with pink hair.

Japan Claw Machine will give you the Rem figure if you play the real claw machine app and can win the prize you choose. This figure’s original price reaches USD 60 but you can get it for only USD 1 or even for free if you use the premium ticket to play and win it.

Get Rem figure in Japanese traditional cloth and complete your anime collection immediately. 

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